Fields of Application of Our Devices

Underwater Construction

It is easy to mark out the area in land construction by using theodolite and special GPS-based devices,  whereas up until recently it was impossible to conduct topographic precise positioning underwater. Now our Underwater GPS System RedWAVE enables its users to do it in nearly the same way it is done on land. Position finding in absolute geographical coordinates allows to not only make a more precise topographic positioning but also to control the location of various objects in the course of underwater construction with the option of overlaying them on maps and satellite images. Full coordination is ensured by our RedPhone System, that provides underwater wireless voice communication. All of this will both accelerate the working process and improve safety.

Underwater Exploration

Today the RedWAVE System makes it possible to determine routes of exploration or prospecting in advance, and each of these routes may vary depending on the search teams, that may involve either divers or AUVs.  It also enables simultaneous work of all teams in the water area therefore making a significant reduction of search time, which is crucial in rescue operations when human lives literally depend on time. Using RedNAV navigational receivers one can mark various points of interest and return to them the next time by continuing the search immediately from the right place. Working with absolute geographical coordinates more than ever before simplifies and speeds up the coordination of search parties and making the best decisions based on the most reliable and up-to-date information. Underwater wireless telephone station RedPhone ensures voice communication between search parties or individual divers with a surface dive tracking station.

Vostok underwater navigation system for divers considerably facilitates professional diving by showing the direction to the homing beacon and therefore making it possible to return to the point of discharge and/or to the escort vessel without coming up to the surface. A portable homing beacon is installed at the return point and after that an unlimited number of divers can simultaneously determine direction and distance to the homing beacon. It is also possible to issue a general notification to all underwater devices at once. The Vostok system would enable search parties to be organised more effectively, including those operations carried out by several divers at the same time.

Underwater Cartography

Cartography is the field of expertise where an accurate topographic precise positioning is crucial.  It is impossible to do aerial photography underwater or to obtain satellite images of seafloor landscapes nor indeed to use geodesic GPS systems.  We provide our users with a unique opportunity to secure an absolute geographical coordinate underwater simultaneously for an unlimited number of devices in one water area.

Underwater cartography is inextricably intertwined with maritime archeology, marine biology and geology, and all these branches require accurate geographical position of underwater objects. This has now become possible through our RedWAVE system.

Object Positioning in Technical Basins

Various technical tanks and basins entail special conditions for acoustic systems. Typically their volume is incomparably less than of natural bodies of water and the walls and structures are made of concrete or steel, materials with extremely low absorption of acoustic waves. The size and general geometry of such basins determine the nature of multipath propagation, significantly different from that in lakes, rivers and seas. Currently we are testing a unique system specifically designed for a precise positioning of objects under special conditions that are inherent in technical basins and tanks. An example of such reservoir could be found in various canals, sediment basins and retention ponds, storage ponds for radioactive, chemical and other hazardous waste, where the actual presence of divers is impossible by definition and all underwater works are conducted remotely by means of robots. In the very near future we will provide our users with the opportunity to solve underwater navigation tasks in such challenging environment. 

Commanding Underwater Devices

We provide our users with a wide range of opportunities for the transfer of remote control commands by various underwater objects.  Zima Responder Beacons maintain informational interface with the carrier (AUV/ROV), in this it becomes possible to transmit up to 32  addressed control commands as well as transmitting telecontrol commands from the carrier.

If the task does not require precise positioning, it will be our pleasure to recommend you RedGTR underwater digital coded modem, capable of transmitting up to 64 short coded messages in a network of up to 20 subscribers.

Such an advanced and unparalleled system as Underwater Internet of things Hadean allows to support up to 256 nodes with dynamic addressing, transmitting telemetry and users data, up to 250  four-command nodes for controlling actuators and up to 49 actuator control twenty-command nodes. For both type of actuator control nodes broadcast commands can be transmitted. The system not only provides access to the underwater network of sensors for the Internet but also the positioning of all network nodes with the support of floating amphibious access points.