Vostok-BASE homing beacon

Homing beacon VOSTOK-BASE allows solving the homing task for divers with VOSTOK-ACS acoustic compasses at a maximum distance of up to 8000 meters. VOSTOK-BASE is placed in a high-strength plastic case and has a submersible acoustic antenna on the cable. Extremely simple user interface and small dimensions, as well as the possibility of running an unlimited number of VOSTOK-ACS devices with the support of single VOSTOK-BASE homing beacon, make it unique among underwater navigation systems.

Key features:

  • Rugged, durable and easily noticeable plastic housing
  • Simultaneous homing for an unlimited number of VOSTOK-ACS devices
  • Operation range: determining direction up to 5000 m, distance measurement up to 2800 m
  • Reliable and noise-immune technology of digital broadband acoustic communication
  • Long battery life  up to 24 hours

Technical specification:

Dimensions 259 x 202x 115 mm
Weight (w/o cable) 2 kg
Operation range bearing up to 5000 m, ranging up to 2800 m
Frequency band 5-15 kHZ
Battery life up to 24 hours
Charging time (220 V 50-60 Hz) 10 hours
Temperature range  0..50 ˚С
Built-in battery type Lead-acid
Velocity of the receiver relative to the buoys +/- 1.8 m/s
Acoustic transmitter cable length 7 m
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