Crimea-300 is a system designed to accurately determine hydrostatic pressure, water temperature and depth within the underwater range up to 300 meters (328 yards). The system consists of a measuring and interface modules, the connection between the two is conducted under a RS-485 protocol. Extremely small size, low power consumption, measurement accuracy and simplicity of usage makes this system ideal for underwater environmental measuring systems and other similar systems. The accuracy of depth measurement stands at +/- 2.5 centimetres (1 in) and temperature accuracy within 0.1°C. The interface module has an additional feature of air pressure calibration and an in water sound velocity calculation.  


$600 for a set (an LCD Display and a Sensor)

$325 for a Sensor only

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Technical Specifications:

Interface Module

Dimensions 98 х 60 х 20.3 mm
Data Updating frequency 4 Hz
Working temperature range -20..60 ˚С
Interface RS-485
Power Consumption 1.1 W
Power supply voltage 4..12 V
Data line voltage 0..3.3 V
LCD Display 4 lines, 20 characters per line


Measuring Module

Dimensions (length х diameter) 50 х 21 mm
Measured Pressure 0..30 bar
Working temperature range -10..60 ˚С
Interface RS-485
Current Consumption 10..70 mA
Power supply voltage 4..12 V
Data line voltage 0..3.3 V
Temperature measured -10..60 ˚С

Scope of the device

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